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VMS-Four channels system is good to monitor few equipment in section. It gives overall vibration values and alarm in case of abnormal vibration with vision to provide cost effective and performance oriented solution.

Masibus is supplier of quality vibration monitoring system. VMS-4S is available with four channels. Various features and ranges are available to select right type of monitoring.

VMS-4S is important tool for plan wide predictive maintenance. It takes up online vibration and provides data though software. Vibration is displayed and alarm can be generated. Once alarm is generated further analysis can be done using buffered output. It provides opportunity to pin point the problem.

Masibus VM-4S, consist of vibration sensor as input and provide 4-20mA output. It continuously monitors the vibration of all the equipments. Data is offered in terms of r.m.s. R.M.S. detection is best for general machine health monitoring, when overall vibration is measured.

Masibus products are convenient to use and easy to install in industrial environments with proven track record of more than 30 years.


  • Online Vibration monitoring
  • Micro controller based 230V AC power supply
  • 4 channels monitoring
  • RS-485/ 232 Output for communication (Modbus)
  • Buffer Output
  • Parameter: Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration