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Masibus signal isolator is a rugged 4 wire isolator available in compact DIN rail mounting enclosure designed to accept custom built and wide range of voltage and current input signals. Signal is isolated and converted to standard instrumentation signals compatible to commercially off the shelf (COTS) automation products.

9000U is available in two models, Single/Dual output and Three/Four output. Masibus' Signal Isolator Model 9000U provides galvanic isolation between field signals and receiving instrument, this in turn rejects any common mode voltage at field side and prevents ground loop problems. The isolator also protects expensive systems from high voltage faults on the field side.

With multiple outputs this model also acts as signal distributors. A typical application could be where the signal has to be distributed for indication on local panel, field control room, main control room and DCS system. 9000U is compatible with both 2 wire and 4 wire transmitters and has built-in transmitter power supply to power 2 Wire field transmitters.

Model 9000U offers a wide range of input/ output signal types which includes mA, mV, VDC. Model 9000U offers excellent accuracy and stability for reliable operation in hostile environments and offers full 3 port isolation between input, output and power supply.

Each channel zero and span calibration is adjustable by multi-turn potentiometers; the unit can accept a wide range of Aux. power from 90 to 265V AC or 18 to 36V DC.

Model 9000U is designed for easy customization and can be customized to signals levels from mV to Volts both at input and output side.


  • Rugged & accurate 4 wire isolator
  • Three port isolation
  • Universal AC/ DC Aux. supply
  • Upto 4 outputs of different types available
  • Wide zero & span adjustment limits
  • 2KV AC Isolation between I/P, O/P and supply
  • All standard current/voltage input/output options
  • Non-standard input/output options also available
  • Compact DIN rail enclosure
  • Excellent long term stability
  • High CMRR and NMRR