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ExpertDAQ RS422 / RS485 converters, RS422 / RS485 repeaters and RS485 Feldbus remote IO modules have been developed for professional use in the industry.

The production line includes the converters RS232 RS422, USB RS422, RS232 RS485 and USB RS485, the repeaters RS422 and RS485, and serial IP converters.


  • RS422/RS485 communication: up to 1200m
  • Extended operating temperature: -25°C to +75°C
  • Power input: +10V to +30V
  • Isolation between input and output signal
  • Automatic baudrate detection (no dip-switch)
  • Automatically recognized whether a RS232 or a RS422 / RS485 Feldbus network has been connected
  • Parameters and the direction of the transmission are recognized automatically
    • Cap-rails and wall supporters included