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Masibus model LC5296-XP-AT FLP Auto-Tune PID controller is certified for use in Zone 1 of Gas group I, IIA & IIB Hazardous areas. For the first time the controller is designed with to give full programmability and ease of operation which you only find in controllers available for safe areas. The Unit is compact, rich in features and comes with add on options to suit any application.

Model LC5296-XP-AT incorporates easy to read 4 digit displays for PV and SV, brightness of which is user adjustable, the unit can be configured for any TC, Pt-100 or Volts and comes with variety of output options for control, Alarm and Interface.

Model LC5296-XP-AT is designed to accept universal supply of 85-265V ac but is also available for low voltage 18-36V dc operation as an option, a fast sampling 16-bit ADC is used to provide accurate and repeatable performance required for most critical applications.

While a current limited Transmitter supply is standard, options of Retransmission signal and RS485 can be opted for Interfacing with other devices and systems like PLC/SCADA/Recorder etc. The Unit is wall mounting with up to 5 gland openings for multi-core cable wiring.


  • For gas group I, IIA and IIB as per IS:2148/04 and IP65 as per 13346:04
  • Touch Sensitive Keys for Operation
  • Universal Input, 10 Input types
  • Relay/SSR/Analogue control output options
  • Auto tune PID control
  • Fail-safe Design
  • 15 Alarm types
  • Password protected configurations
  • Auto/Manual selection with bump less transfer
  • Two Isolated Analogue outputs (option)
  • RS485 serial communication (option)
  • Universal Power Supply


  • Hazardous Areas in Industries like
  • Chemicals
  • Pharma
  • Mining
  • Oil & gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Fertilizers
  • Pesticides