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Masibus MINT AO-08 is a member of MINT IO series which is the most cost effective Field Interface modules for Smart Systems whether it is DAS, SCADA, PLC or DCS.

The MINT AO-08 has 8 analog output ports with 0/4-20mA or 0-10VDC signal options. It has two RS485 ports with Multi-drop communication facility. It is powered by 24VDC supply.

Using MINT IOs supervisory system can read remote process values and events as well as can communicate for process control. These IOs consists of powerful processors suited for high-speed communication and enhanced hardware features.

The MINT series is best suited for plants or processes which require reliable and efficient control with high speed connectivity for system monitoring and information exchange up to the corporate network.


  • 2X Modbus Serial ports
  • Compact DIN Rail enclosure
  • High-Speed Communication
  • Up to 127 Modules on RS485 Network
  • LEDs for Fault, communication and Power
  • 1500V RMS Isolation
  • Configuration & Troubleshooting¬† Software


  • Cost effective Field Interface to PLC/DCS
  • Remote IOs for Monitoring and Control
  • Security systems
  • Building automation
  • Gas Detection systems
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Asset Management