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If Master or Slave, Fieldbus with its various standards is a well established technology in the PC based automation and will keep on competing with the emerging Real-Time-Ethernet systems for several years.

Over the last 15 years the well-proven CIF cards from Hilscher have successfully been used in different applications and have finally established themselves as a standard in the market. Whether softPLC, CNC control, Terminal, peripheral I/O block or intelligent drive control, every PC based application has already been equipped with a Hilscher PC-card. Based on this experience and more than two hundred fifty thousand sold PC cards, Hilscher introduces the next generation of PC-cards the cifX. It support traditional Fieldbus as well as all established Real-Time-Ethernet systems.

All cifX are based on the high sophisticated network controller netX100, which covers all network specific requirements. It only differs in the physical interface of the corresponding Fieldbus or Real-Time-Ethernet system.

Data exchange between application and PC-card is selectively done via a defined Dual-Port-Memory or via DMA. The FDT/DTM based tool offers an easy configuration of all Hilscher products with a plausible graphical user interface. A diagnostic interface is as naturally as status LED to display operation status of the board and communication activity on the network interface