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The DataHub QuickTrend is a powerful trending program that can be used to display any moving data that you can read from OPC, DDE, TCP or scripted data source. As any engineer or analyst will tell you, trending your real-time data can help you investigate problems, identify possible optimization and verify new strategies. What is really impressive about the DataHub QuickTrend is it's close integration with another new feature, the Data Historian. Add a data point to a trend and QuickTrend automatically configures the Historian to keep a history for that particular data point. The next time you open QuickTrend, there is all the history for you to scroll back through and study.

The DataHub QuickTrend program is offered in two versions.

  • The free standalone version and,
  • The fully integrated version that ships with the all of other Cogent DataHub products.

Features of the free version

  • Connect to an OPC or DDE server to collect real-time data.
  • No support for the Data Historian.

Features of the fully integrated version

  • The following features are available with the purchase of the appropriate product license pack. See Software Licensing for more details.
  • New - DataHub WebView - build and display private cloud-based web pages.
  • New - Data Historian to store and retrieve large volumes of data at high speeds.
  • New - Data Redundancy to do hot standby switching between identical data sources.
  • Enhanced - Scripting - program custom solutions to meet your specific needs.
  • Enhanced - Security - control access and set permissions for users and groups.
  • Enhanced - Email/SMS Notification - receive email/SMS messages on data events.
  • Enhanced - Database Read - read data from any ODBC database.
  • Enhanced - Database Write - write data to any ODBC database.
  • Tunnel/Mirror - secure networking of OPC data without DCOM problems.
  • DDE/Excel Support for connecting to Excel spreadsheets and other DDE servers.
  • Networking Excel Data - share live Excel data over a network with other Excel users.
  • Data Aggregation - merge data from multiple sources into a common data set.
  • Data Bridging - connect two or more data sources to share data in real time.
  • Linux/QNX Connectivity - to connect to Linux and QNX based systems.
  • System Monitor - access to Windows system analytics interface.

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