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The calibration workshop solution

The MCS200 is a modular test and calibration system for workshops and laboratories. Available as a workstation, desktop cabinet or trolley, MCS200 offers efficient and ergonomic facilities for the maintenance of process instruments.

Many applications

The MCS200 Workstation offers a solution for a large variety of applications, such as calibration of pressure, temperature and electrical signals; electrical tests and measurements; maintenance & testing of single and 3-phase motors and other electric devices; soldering and desoldering of surface mounted and traditional components; safety & high voltage testers; educational use, etc.

Flexible and ergonomic

The advanced design of the MCS200 table frame and module rack offers many advantages such as easier installation, height adjustable tabletop and module rack, dual panel possibility, 2 benches – 3 legs solution, LED lighting and movable accessories under the tabletop.


The module rack hosts a great variety of modules including calibration modules, AC & DC power supplies, multimeters, function generators, oscilloscopes, etc. This makes the MCS200 Workstation ideal for both instrument and electrical workshops, as well as for use in laboratories.

ESD protected

Electrostatic discharges cause problems to electrical components, e.g. in repair and production facilities. The MCS200 is a safe choice for places where sensitive components are handled. The MCS200 Workstation and its accessories are supplied with an electrically semiconducting coat of paint. For full ESD protection, a semiconducting tabletop, ESD wrist straps, mats and grounding sets are available.

General features

  • A workstation is ideal when most maintenance and calibration tasks are performed in the workshop
  • Modular design allows configuration based on user-specific requirements
  • Many different types of applications
  • Safe, ergonomic and versatile workstation

MC5P Calibration Host Module

  • Calibration and trimming of HART instruments
  • Multichannel data logging
  • Automatic pressure and temperature calibration through communication with dry blocks and pressure controllers
  • Documenting – communicates with calibration software
  • Module can be retrofitted to existing MCS200 Workstation

MCS200 Bench System

  • Width: 2m, 1.8m, 1.5m
  • Height adjustable tabletop & module rack
  • Integrated work light
  • ESD painted
  • Wide functionality: Calibration modules, Power supplies (AC, DC), Oscilloscopes, Frequency modules
  • Fittings and accessories

MCS200 Mobile Trolley

  • Movable trolley
  • Modular construction
  • Calibration modules
  • Pressure controllers
  • Power supply modules
  • Electrical measurement modules

Documenting capability

  • Calibration results are automatically stored in the calibrator’s memory.
  • Calibration results are automatically transferred from the calibrator’s memory to a computer or fully integrated calibration management system.

Fieldbus calibration

  • Calibrate Foundation Fieldbus H1 or Profibus PA transmitters
  • The MC5P is a calibrator and a fieldbus configurator in one unit
  • Simultaneously simulating input and reading the digital output of a Fieldbus instrument
  • View/edit transmitter configurations
  • Perform transmitter trimming

Calibration Host Module MC5P

  • Host unit (MC5P) Includes:
  • Case, display, keyboard
  • Common electronics and connectors
  • Common embedded software
  • Communication ports
  • Measurement of mV, V, mA, Hz, kHz
  • Generation of mA
  • Other functions: Pulse counting, Switch testing, 24VDC loop supply, FIELDBUS communication (Optional), HART® communication (Optional)

Temperature & Electrical Module

  • Measurement / simulation of: RTD’s, TC’s, Ohms
  • Generation of: mV, V, mA, Hz, kHz, pulses
  • Measurement of: mV
  • Internal reference junction compensation for thermocouple measurement / simulation.

Pressure Measurement Modules (PM)

  • Multimode pressure modules (vacuum, positive gauge and absolute)
  • Over pressure protected (modules up to 6 bar are equipped with overpressure relief valve)
  • Modules available from: –1 to 1000 bar / -14.5 to 14500 psi

Options for MC5P

  • Foundation Fieldbus H1 communication
  • Profibus PA communication
  • Communication driver for Beamex CMX Calibration Software
  • Multichannel datalogging
  • HART communication
  • Pressure controller communication
  • Temperature dry block communication

Standard accessories for MC5P

  • User guide
  • Accredited Calibration Certificate
  • Test leads (1 pair for E section; 2 pairs for ET module)
  • Clips (1 pair for E section; 1 pair for ET module)
  • RS232 cable
  • Hose sets, adapters and cables, depending on the pressure modules in the system

Optional accessories for MC5P

  • Environmental temperature sensor
  • Hydrotech hose set
  • Hydrotech T-hose kit
  • Data switch module