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The 5040-AM provides manual backup for critical loops, it has comprehensive range of hardware and software features in a compact size making it one of the most advanced Auto/Manual station in the Industry and suitable for the most critical and demanding applications. The 5040-AM can also be used as a current (4-20mA) to Motorized Valve control Unit. The 5040-AM accepts as PV all Sensor Inputs like Thermocouple, RTD, Current and Voltage. Besides the MV Input from Host device, it has provision for ZV (4-20mA/ Potentiometer) or SV Input; it has 4 Digital Inputs for Remote operation and 8 digital outputs for Alarm/Diagnostic/Status/Event purpose freely configurable.

The MV output signal mirrors the MV Input in Auto mode and can be locally or remotely manipulated in Manual mode, a second analog output can be configured for MV, ZV or PV. Removal of the 5040-AM from its shell or loss of power to the Auto/Manual station will not affect the output MV signal in Auto mode. On loss of MV signal from Host the 5040-AM can be setup to go in Manual mode with the last healthy MV value or preset value, Auto/manual selection is possible through front Keys or remotely by Digital Input/RS-485.

The RS485 Modbus RTU interface allows full configuration, operation and data acquisition from PC. Multi-Level password protection, square root extraction for PV, Digital filter and 19 Alarm types are standard features of the 5040-AM.


  • Functions as Auto/Manual station or Motorized Valve control unit
  • Pass through of MV Input in Auto mode, allows replacement without process disturbance
  • MV, PV and ZV/SV Inputs
  • Feature rich IOs: 3 AI, 2AO, 4 DI and 8 DO
  • Local (front keys) or Remote (DI/RS-485) operation
  • User friendly setup and operation Menu
  • Multi-Level password protection
  • 19 Alarm types freely configurable
  • Re-Transmission signal ≡ PV, MV or ZV
  • RS485 port with Modbus RTU protocol
  • Unit can be replaced or powered down without loss of MV signal in Auto mode
  • Auto/Manual status output
  • 2 seven segment, 1 bar and 9 status LEDs for visualization and status
  • Full Isolation between Inputs and outputs
  • Universal AC/DC Aux supply
  • PV selectable from 17 sensor signals
  • Programmable Ramp for MV signal
  • RS-485 Modbus RTU port for configuration, operation and data acquisition