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By the end of nineteen-eighties Toshiba had combined two different fields of control (instrumentation and electric) into one control system. Now Toshiba have released the "Unified Controller nv series" to our customers and created a whole new level of systems integration. This new product is a system that unites the different controller types into one and utilizes a common I/O system across the various kinds of field instrumentation. Toshiba have matched these new products to your "manufacturing" fields that have higher and higher levels of functionality, and have become more and more complicated. The "Unified Controller nv series" can be called "the navigator to the new generation" created by Toshiba.

Reliability and Security

This unification of controller types and the development of a common I/O system, are realized by using hardware as a common platform and installing software conformed to each control type within this hardware. Reliability and security are provided by improvement in design quality, by common hardware and optimization of software.

Environmental Harmony

The controller that is acceptable to the global environment was created by using lead-free solder and utilizing electronic parts obtained through "green procurement" Higher ranked control that features high speed processing and high functionality assists with global-environment-considered "manufacturing"