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Extensive monitoring and operation functions ensure an advanced operation environment. Monitoring screens have a hierarchical (or top down) design where the user starts from higher level screens and moves to the screens lower in the hierarchy in order to find the information to be monitored. Related data can be quickly displayed. Multiple monitoring screens are linked for display purposes, so that information can be monitored and analyzed from several perspectives.

Windows is powerful yet also familiar and easy to use, performing pre-emptive multitasking, which is mandatory for real time control. The excellent networking functions give the benefit of security in an open environment, allowing full integration with management systems through OPC. Toshiba offers high grade PC's as the first choice for the OIS-DS.

Toshiba provides PCs designed to withstand the demands of 24-hour continuous operation and provided with excellent RAS functions. RAS modules enhance integrity and provide Operator confidence of system operation, considered crucial in many applications. Optionally users may choose compatible PCs where site standards or finances dictate.

An optional Operator Keyboard is available to enhance the OIS operation. The operator's keyboard enables fast and reliable one-touch call-up of screens, as well as remote operation. Operators less familiar with QWERTY style keyboards prefer dedicated keys when interacting with plant situations particularly in high alarm high stress situations. The traditional DCS operating environment is also carried over. Touch-screen operation enables operation by means of a still more "user-friendly" interface.