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Masibus Model 2110 single phase Energy Meter is a solid state design, which is a complete LT/HT line measurement solution for the monitoring of single phase AC supply including all types of energies. The 2110 Power Meter is based on ASIC and Micro controller, with a high degree of programmability.

The meter meets the accuracy requirements of IS 13779/IEC 61036, and has been certified by the ERDA. This model is available for class 1.

The meter can be programmed to operate as an intelligent electronic device (IED) for measurement and storage device with serial communication making it an ideal data source for EMS, SCADA, PLCs and BMS system.

The meter is supplied pre-programmed for operation and ready for use. Model 2110 power meter stores all its energy data and programming parameter into non-volatile memory using EEPROM. This power meter measures electrical parameters of 1 phase AC line and displays it, which is selectable from front keys.

Model 2110, has auto scaling facility while measuring energy from Kilo to Mega to Giga. Instrument can be self or auxiliary powered with very low burden.

Calibration can be done using front keys or through PC software. Model 2110, has digital input and output facility. Programmable pulse output can be used for KWH (import-export), KVARH (lag-lead) and KVAH. Programmable pulse input can be used to totalize 3 party energy devices.

The CT & PT ratio (primary) can be programmed at site using front membrane key. Model 2110 is supplied in panel mount.


  • Accuracy class 1.0 as per IS13779/ IEC 61036.
  • True RMS sensing on both channels.
  • Self/Aux powered
  • 2 X 16 back-lit LCD display
  • 14 Parameters of 1Ø AC Line using 14 display screens
  • AUTO-SCALING from Kilo to Mega to Giga watt
  • Programmable pulse input & output
  • Calibration using front keys/ PC
  • Isolated RS 485 (MODBUS-RTU protocol)