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The Most Advanced 24-Channel Scanner

Model 85XX is a multi-channel monitoring, Alarm annunciation and Protection Device. With more than 25000 units in operation, 85XX is the Number One choice of OEM and End-Users for their monitoring and Protection Application. The unit is Modular, Field scalable and has variety of communication options to interface with PLC/DCS/SCADA systems.

Modular and Expandable

85XX is modular in architecture and Expandable, 5 I/O slots can accommodate a mix of Analog Input, Re-Transmission, Open collector or Relay output to suit different applications in Power, Process, Water and Infrastructure industries. All field inputs are wired to a detachable back plate for ease of wiring and reduce downtime during replacement.


85XX is configured using the mSCAN software which is also used to retrieve logged data and display real-time values; the unit can also be edited by front keyboard and display. The unit has numeric displays for CH. NO. And Value, Alarm/Trip Annunciation is done by individual discrete LEDs on front fascia. The unit is fully password protected for configured data.


85XX comes with one RS232/485 Modbus RTU port as a standard, Profibus-DP and Modbus over Ethernet (Modnet) are options available to enhance the communication capabilities of the unit and use it as an RTU, Alarm controller or protection device for motors, transformers etc. All configured parameters, real time values and status are available on all communication protocols.

Alarm/Trip or Control

85XX comes with 3 Groups/6 Relays as standard but upgradeable to 6 Groups/12 Relays as an option. The Relay outputs can be freely mapped to any channel set points and configured as Alarm or Trip functionality with Fail-Safe or Normal Logic. 85XX has the most comprehensive Alarm/Trip logic to handle momentary and maintained Alarms, with Auto-Reset and Ack Reset functionality.

The 48 OC output option can be used as On/Off control output for individual channel or as a status output for Alarm condition.


  • Modular and Scalable
  • 8/16/24 channel configurations
  • EMI/EMC Type test qualified
  • Universal input for each Analog Input
  • Max Configuration: 3 Input modules (AI) + 2 Output modules (Relay/AO/OC)
  • Comprehensive alarm/trip logic
  • Free mapping of Relay to Channels/Group
  • Windows based mSCAN configuration tool
  • Options:

                Upto 4 Retransmission output (Isolated)

                Modnet/Profibus-DP Communication

                48 open collector outputs

               Channel to channel input isolation

               Weather proof / flame proof enclosure

               IP65 Front Facia


  • Substation Monitoring
  • Motor/Generator Monitoring and Protection
  • Transformer monitoring and protection
  • Compressor/Pump/DG set monitoring
  • Asset Monitoring
  • As an Serial/Ethernet/Profibus RTU
  • Remote I/O module
  • Multi Point On/Off control
  • Pipeline Heat Tracing circuit control
  • Remote I/O for PLC/DCS/SCADA