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Masibus VM908 vibration meter is a basic portable vibration measurement product that reads vibration in various modes. It provides essential periodic monitoring of fan, pump, motor and other industrial machines. It measures the vibration to which it is exposed.

Masibus has a proven track record of manufacturing portable instruments and online process monitoring instruments for over 3 decades. Vibration meter makes cost-effective off line vibration monitoring instrument with various important parameter i.e. displacement, velocity, acceleration.

Vibration meter is a strategic tool for predictive maintenance. It measures off line vibration and provides easy evaluation of health of machines. On this basis further analysis can be done using vibration analyzer for diagnosing the machine problem.

Vibration is measured in terms of r.m.s. and peak. When overall vibration is to be measured, r.m.s. and peak measurement technique is considered best for general machine health.

VM908 is very handy easy to use device for any maintenance crew. It gives very easy understanding of equipment health and guides for repairs. It is also good tool to check out if repair has improved health of machine. Maintenance team can be confident about repair work done by ensuring that vibration reading post repair has gone down and machine is healthy.


  • Backbone of Predictive maintenance
  • Essentials for Good Maintenance
  • Necessary Instrument for Tool Box
  • Basic vibration measurement
  • Measurement of overall vibration level in rotating machines
  • Parameter: Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration
  • Frequency range: 10 Hz to 5 Khz
  • High Frequency: Acceleration (unit:m/s2): Equivalent peak
  • Battery: 9V 6F22, 25 hours of continuous operation