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PIR PRO Reference Class Digital Pressure Gauge offers the highest accuracy in its class

As with the original high accuracy BetaGauge P.I. PRO gauges, the BetaGauge PIR PRO takes the concept of a simple analog Test Gauge and combines it with the accuracy of digital technology. The new Reference Class gauges provide exceptional performance with ±0.04% of reading accuracy, especially when operated below 50% of their range.

The BetaGauge PIR PRO builds on the proven performance of the BetaGauge PIR with a new purpose designed Zinc-Aluminum Alloy High Pressure Cast housing. The new housing improves the environmental integrity of the gauge in a lighter and smaller yet more rugged form factor


  • Large, Back-lit, 5-1/2 Digit Display With 0.65" High Digits and 20 Segment Bar Graph
  • Displays in 18 standard or fully custom engineering units
  • Temperature Compensated Accuracy over 0 to 50°C
  • Reference Class Accuracy of ±0.04% of Reading ±0.01% Full Scale
  • CSA Intrinsically Safe, Class 1, Div. 2; ATEX Approved
  • User Configurable Sample Rate Maximizes Measurement Performance and Battery Life
  • Standard Available Pressure Ranges - 30 psi Compound, 30 psig, 100 psig, 500 psig, 1,000 psig, 3,000 psig, 5,000 psig, and 10,000 psig
  • Auto Shut-off Extends Battery Life
  • Adjustable TARE Zeros Large System OffsetsAuto Shut-off and Damping Functions
  • Rear Mount Option for Panel Mounting (housed in separate panel-mount-style enclosure)
  • Rubber Boot Standard On All Stand-alone Bottom Mount Gauges
  • Available With Optional 24V External Power Input (housed in separate panel-mount-style enclosure)
  • Optional Calibration Kit with Pneumatic or Hydraulic Pressure Hand Pump and Fittings Available
  • BetaLOG™ Software Available for Logging Gauge Measurements
  • Includes NIST Certificate with calibration data
  • CE Approved