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All your company needs for optimizing calibration management

Typically, large corporations have had to depend on multiple calibration software installations to meet the needs of all of the various plants in the corporation. This type of software solution for calibration management is quite complex and it is also difficult to manage efficiently on corporate level. Accessing different calibration assets may be complicated and finding areas of improvement is difficult. Storing information pertaining to calibration procedures in one database and sharing similar procedures on the corporate level increases the productivity of the company’s workforce and makes the entire calibration system more efficient. Making conclusions, improving operations and analyzing calibration results is also much easier.


CMX Light

  • Easy-to-use calibration software for a single workstation
  • Quick and easy start-up software
  • For a single workstation
  • Database for 300 positions
  • Wizard for easy database population
  • Communication with Beamex calibrators
  • Manual data entry of calibration results
  • Paper documentation includes standard certificates, reports and labels

CMX Professional

  • Calibration software with wide customization possibilities
  • Database for 1,000, 5,000 or 10,000 or unlimited positions
  • Installation options for a network server or workstation
  • New option for weighing instruments
  • Other options: History Trend, Pocket PC Interface, Document Design, Change Management, etc.
  • Interface option for SAP® and Maximo® and others
  • Optional Software Service Agreement offers automatic software upgrades
  • Beamex’s Help Desk services

CMX Enterprise

  • All-in-one calibration solution for large companies
  • Enterprise includes features, such as History Trend, Report Design, Pocket PC Interface, Change Management and Calibration of Weighing Instruments
  • One floating installation for the corporate server for sharing the same system in all locations worldwide
  • Database with unlimited number of positions
  • Optional, configurable interfacing with other software systems
  • Optional Software Service Agreement offers automatic software upgrades