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Model 5030 is rugged, reliable and fail-safe, tried and proven in the field for more than 10 years for all types of applications and environments. Model 5030 has hardware capabilities like universal inputs, universal outputs, transmitter supply, remote set point, re-transmission output and serial communication as standard features.

Output type selectable is Relay, SSR, DC signal, Forward/Reverse relay for motorized valves with and without feedback. Besides control output the unit has 2 Auxiliary relays programmable as Absolute/deviation/Band alarm/Aux functions. The input can be programmed for any one of thermocouple types, RTD Pt100, current or voltage.

Model 5030 has 4 digit display for PV, SV and 20 segment bar display for MV. Control output can be limited using high or low limit selection.

Configuration, Programming, Operation & Calibration modes are protected by DIP switches. Zero and span of process variable, remote set point and valve position are adjusted by digital calibration through front panel keys.

Model 5030 has retransmission output for interface to recorder and serial RS485 communication over MODBUS for PC interface.

5030 has special batch parameters to avoid first overshoot during startup and set point change.


  • Micro-controller based universal process controller
  • Wide choice of input & output types
  • Pulsed output for MOV with/without position feedback
  • Remote set point input for cascade control
  • Configurable control parameters
  • Simultaneous PV, SV, MV display
  • Isolated retransmission & TPS output
  • Isolated RS485 Communication port
  • Metal enclosure for better EMI shielding
  • Batch parameters for overshoot avoidance
  • Field selectable output from Relay, Motorized¬†valve control (with or without feedback) or linear output


  • Metal Treatment
  • Furnace Control
  • Glass Industry
  • Food Processing
  • Cascade Control
  • Reactor Control
  • HVAC Control
  • Test Beds
  • Annealing Furnace